March 3, 2019    


From Pastor Rick:


We finished a week of prayer with a joint service of Spanish and English, two Sundays ago.  We continue to be stirred by the Holy Spirit following that prayer experience.  I am going to implement a few new changes spurred by the prayer week.  


We made our first change this past week. I will be teaching the Life of Paul from the book of Acts in English with a Spanish translation done on every Wednesday at 6:30 PM. I also began the study of 1 John this past Friday. We are offering the study in Spanish, translated to English. It is my hope that anyone from either language can participate in the study of Acts or 1 John, as they have desire.


I am also going to use the last Sunday of every month to have a joint service of the English and Spanish speaking groups. We will start a noon on the last Sunday or every month. We will not serve a lunch on that day.


The third thing I want to implement is that we focus on a week of prayer at least once a month. We will have one month of meeting together at the church, with both English and Spanish languages to pray together. On the second month we will jointly commit to pray over the same scripture and prayer items for one hour in our homes, every day of that week, as we are doing this next week.


It is my hope that from these new efforts of bible study and prayer weeks, we experience a new and deeper empowerment in the life of the Lord. I seek a deeper unity and intimacy in all the individuals that are serving the Lord in all these ministry groups. I want us to know each other deeper and love each other more profoundly.


I am calling for another week of prayer starting today! Starting Monday, March 4th through Sunday, March 10 I am asking that we publically commit to a minimum of one hour of prayer per day over these seven days. I will publish a prayer agenda for us to follow together. Please give Kayla your name if you commit to pray with us this week for one hour per day. We will send you text or email each day with the scripture and prayer points.